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Principal Evaluation Research and Resources

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Why Highly Effective Leaders Are Important

  • Leithwood, K., Louis, K., Anderson, S., & Wahlstrom, K. (2004). How leadership influences student learning
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  • Wahlstrom, K., Louis, K., Leithwood, K., & Anderson, S. (2010). Investigating the links to improved student learning: final report of research findings.
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  • Waters, T., Marzano, R. J., & McNulty, B. (2003). Balanced leadership: What 30 years of research tells us about the effect of leadership on student achievement
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General Principal Evaluation Resources

Sample of Principal Evaluation Frameworks

Research on Different Principal Evaluation Models

  • Measuring Principal Performance: How Rigorous Are Commonly Used Principal Performance Assessment Instruments?
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  • Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education Technical Manual
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Resources for Districts on Selecting/Developing Principal Evaluation Framework

State Principal Evaluation Policies

International Perspective on Principal Evaluation

Sample of District Principal Evaluation Models

Additional Resources

  • CEC Resources for Leadership Effectiveness CEC helps shape the ability of local unions to work collaboratively with school districts in order to implement conditions and supports that improve teaching and student learning.
  • Schools Moving Up – West Ed Video tips on leadership and school improvement. Webinars on leadership, effectiveness, and drastic school improvement.
  • Wallace Foundation The Wallace Foundation has been doing research for over a decade on better ways to develop, train, hire, and evaluate principals. This website discusses the problem behind evaluating principals and presentations the decade worth of research.
  • Leadership Video Library Watch videos by topic such as accountability, assessment, leadership, data, instruction, leadership, school improvement, standards, and webinars. Videos range in length from 3:00 minutes to 10:00 long.
  • Association for Staff and Curriculum Development PD In Focus With this online professional development you can monitor your progress, create learning communities, search and view videos. This site can be used be teachers, facilitators, state or regional agencies.
  • DuPage ROE web site with sample principal evaluation tools In 2006-07 DuPage developed a sample principal evaluation tool. This is tool is available online free of charge after answering a survey.
  • New York City Leadership Academy Leadership Planning and Performance Worksheet NYC Leadership Academy offers the Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet. This worksheet in a large amount of states to promote and endorse principal growth
  • IASA Video Library – PEAC The Performance Advisory Council gives 7 online presentations on measuring teacher effectiveness and teacher impact on student learning. Presentations are 16-46 minutes long.
  • Principal Evaluation Resources on Illinois Principals Association Web site The Illinois Principals Association is working to create a principal evaluation website. It is projected to be completed by May 2012 with evaluation tools and resources.
  • SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program Works with districts, state, and universities to prepare to principals for the new tasks of being managers and curriculum leaders. SREB program does research, develops training modules, and develops policies and plans for providing quality training for leading.