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Update March 20, 2015

Help-line hours weekdays only:

The Growth Through Learning 800 number (1-800-416-9734) is staffed weekdays from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 

You can also reach our staff at webmaster@growththroughlearningillinois.org

User statistics: 

As of late February, 15,163 teacher evaluators and 4,792 principal evaluators have registered for training.

Among teacher evaluators:

  • 13,033  have completed Modules 1-3 for the designation of observation

  • 12,680 have completed Module 4 for the designation of non-growth.

  • 9,921   have completed Module 5 for the designation of student growth

Among principal evaluators:

  • 3,364  have completed Modules 1-3 for the designation of observation
  • 3,137  have completed Modules 4-5 for the designation of student growth

Prequalification designations: Designations are based on module completion. Here's what the designations mean:

Teacher Evaluator Passed Modules 1,2 and 3: Designation of observation (allows an administrator to observe and collect evidence for teacher(s) for evaluation).

Teacher Evaluator Passed Module 4: Designation of non-growth (allows an administrator to move evidence of an evaluation to reach a final summative rating not including growth).

Teacher Evaluator Passed Module 5: Designation of student growth (incorporation of student growth component into teacher evaluation by meeting PERA timeline for student growth component).

Principal Evaluator Passed Modules 1,2 and 3: Designation of observation (allows an administrator to observe and collect evidence for evaluation of principals and assistant principals).

Principal Evaluator Passed Modules 4-5: Designation of student growth (allows an administrator to move evidence of an evaluation to reach a final summative rating and include student growth component of principals and assistant principals).


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Dear Teacher and/or Principal Evaluators,

As you know, in 2010, Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA), which requires all schools in Illinois to change how educators’ practice is measured for performance evaluation purposes. PERA requires districts to design and implement performance evaluation systems that assess professional practice as well as incorporate measures of student growth. The new performance evaluations will be based on standards of effective practice, with evaluators trained and pre-qualified to conduct observations, collect evidence, and provide helpful, timely feedback.


In an effort to support the implementation of the new state requirements the IL State Board of Education has contracted with the Consortium for Educational Change Partnership Group to provide high quality evaluator training. In order to become a qualified evaluator, each administrator/peer evaluator must complete State- or District-provided training and pass the required assessments. Participants will be given two attempts to successfully complete each assessment. Remediation training for evaluators that fail to pass the state assessments will be provided by trainers located throughout the state. In order to ensure adequate coverage, CEC Partnership Group has recruited a pool of highly qualified Master Trainers. Remediation training will be conducted face to face in a group setting.


At this time, the CEC Partnership is proud to announce that the Growth Through Learning – Performance Evaluation Training will begin on June 11th with Teacher Module 2- Teachscape. In an effort to meet the needs of districts and schools that will be required to implement the new evaluation systems beginning Sept. 1, 2012, we are starting the training with the Teacher Evaluator Module 2 – Teachscape that will take the longest to complete. Teacher Evaluator Module 2 - will be provided through a partnership with Teachscape and involves viewing videos of teacher practice, collecting evidence as though conducting an observation, and rating the teacher’s performance based on the evidence. Growth Through Learning has received registrations for evaluators through the ECS system. Growth Through Learning will import this information into the Teachscape system and each user will be notified by email on Monday with the link to begin the Teacher Evaluator Module 2 -Teachscape.


The launch of subsequent Teacher Evaluation Modules and Principal Evaluation Modules will be determined by the validation process, which will ensure that the content and assessments are reliable and aligned to the requirements set forth in PERA. We are currently conducting pilots and we will communicate a schedule to you in the near future. Anticipated launch dates for subsequent pre-qualification training and remediation training will posted on the Growth Through Learning website at: www.growththroughlearningillinois.org. Please check the website for additional information. Thank you for your efforts at improving the quality of education throughout Illinois.


CEC Partnership Group


New performance evaluation system training plan in place, training to start soon

Download as PDF


SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education has chosen the CEC Partnership Group – made up of six different entities – to design and implement a performance evaluation-training program that considers student growth measures as well as assessments of professional practice.


This move will enable school districts in Illinois to meet the requirements of the Performance Evaluation Act (PERA) of 2010.


Over an 18-month period, the CEC Partnership Group will develop the training program for approximately 9,000 teacher and principal evaluators and will have a sustainable impact on the quality of teaching and learning and student achievement.


The Consortium for Educational Change is the lead organization and fiscal agent of the Performance Evaluation Growth Through Learning project. Its partners are:


  • Center for the Study of Educational Policy at Illinois State University;
  • DuPage Regional Office of Education;
  • Teachscape;
  • The Danielson Group;
  • And, Value-Added Research Center at the University of Wisconsin.

PERA requires all Illinois districts to implement a standards-based principal-evaluation system with student achievement indicators by 2012 and teacher evaluation systems with student achievement indicators by varying dates in 2016.


By May 2012, the CEC Partnership Group will begin its initial prequalification trainings. Training content, materials and assessments will be developed and validated by a statewide committee of experts in order to make sure they are of the highest quality.


The CEC Partnership Group also will provide technical assistance to districts developing highly effective teacher and principal evaluation systems, including providing web-based support and an online library of resources.\